Bishop Harold Faust, Chief Apostle
and Presiding Prelate

Since 1980, Bishop Harold Faust has served as
Senior Pastor of the New Hope Revival Center,
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
A native Philadelphian, he was educated in the
public schools and earned the following
•       Bachelor of Arts in Education from
•       Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.
•       Master of Education from Temple  University,
Philadelphia, PA.

Bishop Harold Faust is known as a
man of great wisdom, character and
moral integrity, born December 9th, 1951
and a native of Philadelphia, PA.  At the
tender age of two, his mother died in
childbirth, giving life to his only brother,
Ernest Faust.  His father abandoned
them and their grandmother, who
accepted Jesus Christ as her personal
Savior, reared them. At the time his
mother was carrying Bishop Faust, she
had many difficulties with the pregnancy.  
It was at that time his grandmother had
anointed his mother’s stomach for him to
be born and to do many great things in
the world.  

In 1969 he accepted the Lord as his
personal Savior, under the late Bishop
Ozro T. Jones, Sr. and under the
pastorate of Bishop Ozro T. Jones, Jr., at
the Holy Temple Church of God in Christ.

From a high school dropout to a
college graduate of academic excellence,
he attended Manna Bible Institute, The
Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones School of
Christian Education, North Eastern
Christian Junior College, Temple
University, Lutheran Theological
Seminary and The Eastern Baptist
Seminary.  Bishop Faust currently holds
two Master Degrees in Education.

Licensed as a Minister in 1970, he
served the Holy Temple Church of God in
Christ at 60th Callowhill Street as one of
the Associate Ministers of the Church.  
Because of the rapid growth of the
church, he was ordained in 1974 and
appointed as Pastor and Founder of the
New Hope Church in 1980.  

The Philadelphia Inquirer recognized
his ability
to reach large masses of
people and bring them into the
knowledge of Jesus Christ and in 1986
they featured him and his ministry in the
Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine with a
story called, Storefront Salvation.

In 1993, Bishop Lomax, Bishop R.T.
Jones, Jr., Bishop Michael Doubs, and
other Bishops saw the outstanding work
he had done and he was consecrated to
the office of Bishop.

He has chaired and help organized
several major crusades in the City of
Philadelphia such as: The Philadelphia
Billy Graham Crusade for the Pentecostal
Network, under the late Bishop Sylvester
Webb, The Philadelphia Civic Center
Crusade with Larry Lee, the Philadelphia
Crusade with Morris Carrillo, The Mount
Sinai and New Hope Crusade of
Philadelphia. The Wynne Plaza Crusade
with Richard Peneman, better know as
“Little Richard.” He organized and
chaired the Anacondia Crusade with the
Spanish Clergy of Philadelphia at the
Temple University Liacouras Center.
Bishop Faust launched one of the largest
single crusades ever done by any one
church entitled The Fire in The City
Crusade at the Adams Mark Hotel
featuring such renown speakers as:
Bishop Carlton Pearson, Pastor Mason
“Mase” Bethea, Pastor Willie J. Campbell
and Evangelist Deborah Hooper and he
is currently launching one of the longest
running revivals ever in the City of
Philadelphia known as the “15th Street

Bishop Faust established the
Covenant Fellowship Network
and is presently in the
process of establishing five hundred
churches by the year 2007.  Currently,
the organization is working with one
hundred local Bishops, Pastors and small

He is currently serving on several
advisory boards such as: OIC, Temple
University, Philadelphia YMCA, and
consultant to several major ministries
within the United States and abroad.

He has received countless national
and international awards
, citations,
and national recognition.  However, he
remains modest of his accomplishments
and as a result of his academic and
corporate training he is a minister who
possess exceptional skills in the areas of
business administration, management,
fund raising, marketing and public

Bishop Faust gives all his credit to
God first
, and to his family, Charlotte
Faust, his wife and his eleven-year-old
son, Harold Odell Steven Faust.  For he
truly believes that all things that have
been accomplished in his life is due to his
strong belief in God.

Executive at Major Corporations

Became Pastor and Founder of the
New Hope Church of Philadelphia Revival

Human Relations
Business Administration.
Spiritual Liberation

Productive Citizen and Moral Pillar

Real “Rags to Riches Story”

I was involved in gangs and drugs
and had no direction or purpose for my
life.  Then one day a female friend invited
me to church and what happened there
that night is that I heard some very
convincing preaching and testimonies
that I could relate to in a real way.  Young
men and women told how, by trusting in
God, they found hope from drugs,
alcoholism, crime, poverty and other
forces of oppression.  I knew that I
needed what those people had and
before the service was over I discovered
inner peace through Jesus Christ and
found a
New Hope for my life.”

Champion of Oppression
“I am interested in meeting the needs of
the people in a practical way.  Church is
not just a place to be emotionalized, but it
is an institution that should help us to
reach our full potential educationally,
socially, financially and physically as well
as spiritually.”
•Odds Winner
•Ministry Builder
•Spiritual Purity, Integrity and Noble